Materials: graphite on paper.
Size: Diptych. 35x25 cm and 23 x 40 cm. (55 x 90 cm. aprox. framed)

“Taken a touching pleasure in the derelict landscape, in the abandoned motels and weed-choked swimming pools of the small town near the air-base, in the silent runways with their dusty jets sitting on flattened tyres, in the over-bright hills waiting with the infinite guile of the geological kingdom for the organic world to end and a more vivid mineral realm to begin.”

Excerpt from “News from the sun”. J.G. Ballard


My work, centered around drawing, is located in a position of precarious equilibrium between the current context of fleeting images in contemporary society and deliberate anachronism.

Like a contemporary oracle, the internet provides a huge source of information and images, which I appropiate and classify into my own conceptual categories. This exercise of compilation is the point of departure in my creative process, where I make connections between those images and distant ideas linked to my interests. Within my work, motifs and visual clichés related to topics such as science, knowledge or progress in civilizations, clash with their reverse: irrationationality, magic, the absurd or the uncanny, establishing narratives tinged with a dystopical and timeless atmosphere.

In these narratives, my visual material is selected, fragmented, combined or modified in a prolonged, and occasionally improvised process. These works are made generally on small formats in an attempt to escape from grandiloquent effects, and rendered patiently with graphite over paper, aludibond or aluminium. Through their laborious execution, I generate images whose intention is not to show the relation between the elements which compose them, but to propose mistery and ambiguity in the undefinable.

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