A New Sublime?

A New Sublime?

With so many images of landscapes and the world around us filling up the virtual space - making it accessible to travel and explore our planet without leaving the screen - how can we experience the sublime within nature once again? Is the virtual space something to further our knowledge of the world, or something that is disconnecting us from the planet we inhabit for some alternative, distant place?

The Glitch - a hitch, an error, a miscommunication between the separate languages of human and machine. Humans use words to describe the images in our heads. A machine - the virtual - shows visuals of the information inside its system - words from its own language – data, binary, hexadecimals.
When both languages clash, a hybrid of understanding and definitions transform the outcomes into distorted, surreal and alternative visuals. Each independent entity of both the human and the virtual lay their mark upon the consequence, collaborating to uncontrollably contrive the new and the unique.

*Sizes of images are range of square and rectangle, 40.64cm being the largest of sides (both sides of the square and longest side of rectangle) and 30.48 being the smallest (for the width of the rectangle)*

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