Digital Photo Collage 70cmx100cm
C Type Print

I am examining photographs of my childhood; looking beyond the gaze of my younger self I become aware of the setting, a home that I do not remember. Patterned wallpaper, furnishings even the trinkets that decorate the space as I am cradled in my parent’s arms I forget what it is like to be held with such delicate security and affection. In removing my self from these images I become further detached from the photograph, so I can explore the space that remains and configure new juxtapositions finding new meaning.

Embrace is an image from this body of work, two photographs are combined, and each one is of my parents individually holding me as a newborn child. Extracting myself I bring my parents together, an embrace.

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Olha Pryymak
3 anni fa
Olha Pryymak Artista
Stunning and unsettling. A winner!
Matthew Humphreys
3 anni fa
ha thanks elaine! :)
elaine byrne
3 anni fa
elaine byrne Artista
I thought that was Terry Wogan! Love it.

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