With a nod to Hopper, and simplistic realism, this piece evokes for me a timeless history. A light keeper's house, from ages ago, stands strong still-against countless storms and modernizations. Stark simple lines. Brightly defined colors, and engaging shapes all came together to convey me through the time portal. Whisked away to a simpler time, a sunny day to play on the rolling hills, and red cheeks from running through the afternoon till the dinner bell rings. "Monhegan", an island filled with memories, present day, and futures past. An enduring and uncomplicated beauty.

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3 anni fa
A wonderful still life shot! The contrasts and colors are magnificent!
Ambra Pompei
3 anni fa
Ambra Pompei Artista
Ehi Judi, every time I see this work on Celeste's page I think to myself that is One of the best works I ever seen. I like it very much, really. Brava!
Judi  Altman
4 anni fa
Judi Altman Fotografo
thank you so much....this is a beloved place to me...
Massimiliano Magrini
4 anni fa
Massimiliano Magrini Artista, Fotografo, Grafico
simbolica direi..
Benedetta Spagnuolo | Art Curator
4 anni fa

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