pLaYING on The sAND oNE DAY in Winter ©FrancescaGiraudi

The short is the result of several digital paintings I realized and tells about a young girl playing on the sand one day in winter.
She is completely lost in her play, in her private dance, that she is imagining to meet her alter ego: she dances with her, she moves her body in that space of sand a day in the winter...
At the end the girl becomes to me like a fisherwoman, walking straight and carrying the sea with her in what is going to be a long journey...The journey to life!

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Francesca Giraudi
4 anni fa
Grazie Deusa, Nero, Nadal, Alain, Nicola e Tanya!
Francesca Giraudi
4 anni fa
E vai Tanya! Grazie! Francesca

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