Simon of Cyrene (scroll drawing)

Simon of Cyrene (scroll drawing)


Dimensions: Large scroll drawing – 800 cm x 200 cm

Medium: Charcoal on Fabriano Aquerelle paper (300g) (Displayed as drape drawing with wooden plinths)

Date: 09/2014

This very large scroll drawing explores the psychological and spiritual experience of the self reflected in and through the life of the other – in this case, reflecting upon a multi-layered cross-cultural narrative, in which case, human experience transcends cultural and gender difference in its innate transformative potential.

This drawing explores the life story of a preferable anonymous friend of mine through which my own personal experience is reflected. Furthermore, this work explores the idea of multi-layered transformative human experiences through its particular reference (in the title) to the mythical account of the black Ethiopian named “Simon of Cyrene”. In this particular account he was compelled by Roman authorities to become the “carrier of the cross of Christ” and it is speculated that he later became the chief founder and of the first Ethiopian church on his return to his homeland.

Due to the exceptional size of this drawing it becomes almost reminiscent of an operatic backdrop in front of which “other life stories might be enacted”… Furthermore, this drawing explores the dramatic through a sense of movement in the appearing and disappearing images and also explores the luminal quality of being and becoming through the actual drawing trace which, in places, seeks to becomes less representational and becomes more of a psychological and spiritual exploration through the conduit of human emotion.

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Waldemar Dabrowski
4 anni fa
Very interesting...!
Carlo D'Orta
4 anni fa
Carlo D'Orta Artista
Beautiful and strong

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