The Raft

The Raft

I addresses Contemporary as well as timeless topics we are all Recognise such as body Gestures, death, identity and mourning, making reference to both present-day issues and themes of art history and combines political, cultural and biographical data.

I draws on an extensive photographic archive containing family photos, media images, pictures from magazines, as well as film stills as a source for my inspiration, at times disturbing yet always moving paintings.

I draws our attention to the complexity of the relationship between the images streaming towards us from the media and the way in which I treats these in paint, and above all to the Aimlessness of the act of painting. and the responsibility faced by the artist in choosing to paint a picture.
I takes this decision in the awareness that a painting is not only expected to present an image, but also be the representation of an idea about painting.

I compiled a fascinating chronology that As well as citing specific events in world affairs, in this personal timeline i regularly mentions movies that have helped shape my work. These include the work of the legendary Russian director Andrei Tarkovsky, and the young american Harmony Korine- the Social -political director.

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