Red Brick Lives

Red Brick Lives

In a red brick room of half-figures, half-faces, we are caught in the middle of nowhere – with a gleam of light through the thickness of walls, with a hint of hope for the red brick road lead us somewhere...

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4 anni fa
Gaya Artista
Thank you very much Catherine, Paul, Alfio and Valérie!
Valérie  Cagnoli
4 anni fa
Very interesting Gaya, I like the idea of the red brick road.. :)))
alfio catania
4 anni fa
alfio catania Artista
good work!
Paul Brotherton
4 anni fa
Paul Brotherton Designer, Artista
Interesting text and concept, with rich, intense imagery....compliments!
4 anni fa
Cat Premium Fotografo
Bonne chance !

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