The Purple dream,deep inside,Indigo Child

The Purple dream,deep inside,Indigo Child

Grafica Digitale, Ritratto, Computer graphics, 30x40cm
The purple vision through the dream point of Indigo child

This portrait has been consecrated to all INDIGO children around.The a new generation of the future time.
They are not into their disorders.We are.
The whole world, which has been recognised on that way.

We need them, cause they are bringing a real anew meaning of the lost love,streaming of the true love and beauty.This is dream of indigo child,an one moment of her sleeping to beauty visions of the future times, into deep PURPLE dream,inside of it.

We need to PROTECT that kind of beauty,that kind of purple...subtlety dreamers,by the such kind of way,to protection ourselves.Thanks.

Notice/this picture has been made into the paint programme by hand, as like classical potrait/

Piace a 17

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10 anni fa
BRAVISSIMA!!!grazie per suggerimento!KISS!
Vlasta  Mijac
11 anni fa
Vlasta Mijac Artista
It is amaizing words to keep myself to the line of the wisdom.The veil of the obscurity is only spice on the way of beauty.It is only shadows on the wall,when we are going through the night but the stars upon us.

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