Hallucination 1

Hallucination 1

The series "Hallucinations" by Eef Bongers allows us an insight in his mind.
Bongers investigates an unknown and fascinating world in which reason has no role.
He is searching for a pure, magical, sometimes religious imagination of the subconscious.
The works are largely determined by signs and lines arising from the spontaneous
outbreak of what is going on in his mind.
The dancing camera only follows the spiritual "orders".
Wandering in the soul is an inexhaustible source for Bongers.
In the course of his development as an artist, Eef Bongers increasingly expresses
emotion in lyrical abstraction.

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Sally Hewett
5 anni fa
Sally Hewett Artista
Extraordinary - love it
roberto gavazzi
5 anni fa
roberto gavazzi Artista
stupendo...davvero emozionante e coinvolgente..complimenti sinceri

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