Relative Distance

Relative Distance

Relative Distance
Family can at once be inclusive & dismissive, bonding & isolating. This work explores these extremes. The images are tableaux, freezing the moments at the edges of the more formal portrait sitting and poised expectation.

This work is from a larger body of work that spans over twenty years. I have been photographing my immediate family in the UK and my more extensive family throughout the USA. I am interested in the family portrait, the family portrayed within a group and how old and new members of the family make their presence felt within the photograph. Formulating my work into ‘albums’ of sequenced images enables me to become a story-teller, the conduit in any family for the happenstance tales that write themselves over time, and in which we all become characters. At some point in this chronicle we transition from growing up to aging—it is this shift of generations that inspires these photographs.

“With the passage of time life is beautiful enough as it is you don’t have to manufacture a lot of falsehood. The seminal moments in our lives, the ones that shape who we’ll become, aren’t always the expected ones.”
Gary Linklater, Director

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