The Protagonists

The Protagonists

The Protagonists

"You are not a lonely being but one of a kind, unique part of the universe.
Do not forget about that. You are an indispensable element of mankind."

In the same way as the boundaries of tolerance grow, the notion of family escapes the limitations of one simple definition.
More and more frequently, relations are formed not on the basis of blood ties but based on similarities. These can stem from corresponding experience, shared values or emotional closeness. Paradoxically, similarities may even draw on oddity and peculiarity. It is then that the eccentricity of the individuals that meet becomes a keystone that allows for the formation of a certain community-family.
The protagonists of my pictures are taken out of the context of place and time. They share visual kinship which is further emphasized by the scenery among which they are placed. We can only wonder what their relationships out of the frame are and whether the community they have formed in front of the eye of the camera really exists. It is entirely up to us to decide what conclusions we will draw and whether we will resist the temptation to classify and judge quickly.

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Massimiliano Magrini
5 anni fa
Massimiliano Magrini Artista, Fotografo, Grafico
I find myself very much in his style

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