If I Find Myself in You

If I Find Myself in You

Pittura, Politico/Sociale, Fantasia / Visionario, Tecnica mista, 62x91cm
A mixing technique on uncoated paper with paper fiber filters.

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daniela rotondi
9 anni fa
daniela rotondi Artista
Ilike the painting.good!
by dani
Fabio Modica
9 anni fa
Fabio Modica Pittore, Artista
I love it!
Elena Bolgova
10 anni fa
Elena Bolgova Artista
It would be great on the canvas
10 anni fa
Hi Diana,
Have you got this message?
Are you interested in participating in a Group Exhibition late next year (2010) in Athens???
If yes, then have a look on my C Studio Events(1)...
Keep in touch and take care, yours Takis

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