The Dormant Image

The Dormant Image

I collect anonymous photographs as a way of affirming the importance of photography as a memory tool. Far from a sense of nostalgia for the past, I am interested of linking memory to desire. This is when the need to create an image of ourselves, projected in photographic time, emerges.
The images are transformed as part of a cycle that invites us to reflect on the wet development process, the appearance of the hidden image, time and the importance of experience.
The photographs are about the recreation of the moment in which the image appears before our eyes, making a series of stills taken during the development process to document the appearance of the image, the manipulation of time and, in turn, memory.

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Cecilia Hurtado
5 anni fa
Cecilia Hurtado Artista
tante grazie Cinzia!
Thanks Waldemar!
Cinzia Battagliola
5 anni fa
Bellissimo progetto, molti complimenti :)
Waldemar Dabrowski
5 anni fa
Very interesting...!

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