Good Times are Over

This performance, which I realized in September 2008 in Prague is about a paradox of influences happening in public urban environment. I wanted to pointed processes, which I could call generaly as a real „conditions to survive“. I paraphrased almost automatized processes from our surrundings. By dressing my old van into the shape of house beeing moving without any specific reason on parking lot between freshly new high buildings, old appartment houses, highway crossing and shopping store for builders. Place, what just in this moment can be what is it, because soon can be changed to new developing building and we will not be able to notice it. I asked questions about changing the city structure, population density, transportation and so on. My recent projects are related to the issues of urban structures (urban sprawl, shopping, transportation as a lifestyle) impact on humman environment and their incidence.

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Carla  Antonini
10 anni fa
Carla Antonini Artista
Congratulations! IMHO your work it just shows how hard can get survival in a city...It made me laugh to think how tedious our "oh so modern" cities are in some ways. Chapeau!
Tom Flynn
10 anni fa
Tom Flynn Giornalista
Congratulations Jan!
Best wishes,

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