Animazione, Astratto informale, Motion graphics
LUNATIK is an experimental animation that explores the human mind - how we can subconsciously drift from one stream of thought to another.

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Lapo Simeoni
9 anni fa
Lapo Simeoni Artista
mi piace
Maria Aristova
10 anni fa
Maria Aristova Artista
Great!!!like it))
Slava Zhdanov
10 anni fa
Slava Zhdanov Artista
realy great.
Corpus Gallery
10 anni fa
Corpus Gallery Artista
Nice one !
10 anni fa
welovecinema Artista
ton, Kamensk Pedagogical Colledge,Museum  artist M
10 anni fa
10 anni fa
Bordos.Artworks Artista
Contemplative & Profound!
Voted - even i am in the same category at the contest! Ciao
anita  saraf
10 anni fa
anita saraf Art lover
Good Job!
Dane Middleton
10 anni fa
Dane Middleton Artista
Awesome, the 3D modelings mad. Also macro shots of the bugs with description tags is a nice touch.
Doug Burton
10 anni fa
Doug Burton Artista
Like the metamorphosis between the elements - good stuff!

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