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Live Media, Fantasia / Visionario, Live audio/visual
The Moderat Show is an audiovisual project of Modeselektor, Apparat and Pfadfinderei.
Based on the Moderat Album (CD & DVD), the show is a live adaption of the music and the video tracks.
The voice of Apparat mixes with epic songstructures, guitar melodies and the fundamental beats of Modeselektor while
the visuals build the stagescenario. They can be regarded as studies of materials. Organic structures like fabric, paper, wood or cement form the aesthetics that decelerate the spectators viewing habits.
The stage setup is based on a panoramic videoprojection that is extended by a light dramaturgy of led tubes attached to the screens and desks of the performing artists.

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Sandra D'Angelo
10 anni fa
Sandra D'Angelo Artista
I love your work! keep in touch!
Surabhi  Saraf
10 anni fa
Surabhi Saraf Artista
Congratulation! great work, Voted!
Maria Aristova
10 anni fa
Maria Aristova Artista
like it))
10 anni fa
welovecinema Artista

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