2te Halbzeit

Installazione, Sport, Illustrazione, Architettura, Paesaggio, Video installazione, 300x150x150cm
Zweite Halbzeit is a roominstallation that deals with the essentials of a soccer game.
On a small field of real soccer ground an original piece of the side advertisement LED display is installed.
The spectators hears an audio cutup of the worldcup 2006 game Netherlands- vs. Portugal while watching the abstract motiongraphics that illustrate ironically the commercial world of football.

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Surabhi  Saraf
10 anni fa
Surabhi Saraf Artista
This is Awesome! Congratulations!
Lucia Linares
10 anni fa
Lucia Linares Gallerista
Que barbaros! Bravi!
Yuri Ivanenko
10 anni fa
Yuri Ivanenko Artista
Bravo! Very nice!

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