“Life projected through magical digital form”. Glas Istre, Croatian newspaper.

Cinetaxis is a project led by digital art practitioners SDNA, at once capable of becoming a son et lumier, intimate installation and theatrical performance. It's an experimental collaboration of audio/video art and visual performance creating site specific 'live' installations.

The inspiration for the title 'Cinetaxis' is derived from research into phototaxis, (insects automatic reaction to light sources), and a desire to explore the same in humans ‘attraction to light', both real and metaphorical. This provides an aesthetic and narrative framework drawing links between insect anatomy and the human form, both beautiful and grotesque, fascinating and unsettling.

Cinetaxis is distinctive for many reasons but one of the most important aspects of the project is that it is genuinely cross-disciplinary. It aims to create a dialogue and close integration between multiple artistic disciplines (contemporary performance, dance, music, new media and visual arts ), led by digital visual art as practised by SDNA.

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