Laïka was a Russian female dog. She also was picked to be the first earthling ever sent to space - in 1957, aboard Sputnik II. What history often forgets is that the poor bitch died in the process. Need a more cheerfull story? In April 2009, we celebrated the 10th anniversary of a true montrealer bar. A bar named after the adventurous - and mourned - dog :-). In order to promote this event, Guillaume asked the owner of the bar to give him ten of those match boxes that he had proudly import from Japan. One box for each year. That’s how things got started.

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9 anni fa
lugaia Artista
Gaudys  Laxury
9 anni fa
Gaudys Laxury Artista
Another fantastic job!! The music on this one is awesome!! All the best....
Silvia Logi
10 anni fa
Silvia Logi Artista
too cool! Bravo, ciao Silvia
Serena Piccardi
10 anni fa
Serena Piccardi Artista
Bellissima, votata!
Maria Aristova
10 anni fa
Maria Aristova Artista
)))))))))))))Masterpiece my vote))I like it very much!!!!!!!
Sara Pieri
10 anni fa
Sara Pieri Artista
Guillaume Blanchet
10 anni fa
It's high time I took some time to thank you all for your nice comments. I've seen most of the work you all did and it's an honour to be well-judged by such creative people as you. Cheers, g.
Doug Burton
10 anni fa
Doug Burton Artista
very cool!
Beth Jonquil
10 anni fa
Beth Jonquil Artista
that was a really fun and rhythmic watch.
Swetlana Sawadsky
10 anni fa
Great! I like it! :)

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