One day the earth will be killed

Installazione, Morte, Politico/Sociale, Video installazione, 120x100x120cm
Water reminds concepts such as limpidity and abundance. While we've forgotten, this beautiful effects will not achieved without the water. In this work has been tried, by elements such as drought, wilderness, burning, and blood is visualized. To themes such as drought, famine, pollution, death, killing, etc. displayed. Concepts that every day the number of people with them to grapple. that bitter news from around the world every day are heard about them. Perhaps that is a flick for us humans, that bitter consequences of the lack of water, which is a symbol of growth and reclamation, we understand.
The idea and happening will determine the overall shape of the work . Because form the cracking clay, matchstick burnning and deformed them, Blood flowing and sag of the walls, whats are, the artist can not pre-determine their exact shape. From this viewpoint, the role of creator of the work, as is the idea makers. Not an artist who relies on technique. In other words, " One day the earth will be killed " is a work for honoring the creative thought art.

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