I work within the genre of narrative photography, often deconstructing esoteric information that I collect from either physics reports or media surrounding religious beliefs, to create a surreal encounter of what is. My current series, Music of The Spheres, explores the notion that each cosmic body is singing its own unique song as it spins in the vastness of space. This series is based on data I have found from NASA Satellite recordings and various Scientist's attempts at explaining the phenomena, which is similar to our Aurora Borealis. The Earth itself sounds like a chorus of morning birds. I am fascinated with the space carved between physics and the more spiritual curiosities this brings to surface.

I strive to achieve as much as possible in front of the camera, every part of the photograph is carefully considered and constructed in my studio to reinforce the whimsical nature of these cosmic otherworlds. I digitally remove the ‘how’ of what is seemingly unnatural afterwards, to alter the understanding of why these objects levitate.

'Music of The Spheres' is an homage to the fantastical ways of our harmonic Universe, a way for me to celebrate its ever-expanding oddities.

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Alfonso Siracusa
10 anni fa
brava ti voto!
10 anni fa
Alexey TEREHOFF Artista
voted: Masterpiece!

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