Scultura, Politico/Sociale, 50x65x50cm
A glass cube, locked and sealed with a lock. Inside an agonizing tree barely wet, floats in the space struggling to reach the soil with its roots. The pliers grab the tree, preventing it from falling on the ground and reaching the yearned vitality of the earth. The only obstacle to be overcome is opening the lock using a key. The paradox is that the key is locked inside the cube together with the tree.
This artwork reflects the way we solve problems in our lives. After analyzing the situation from many different perspectives, we tend to pack the problem and the solution in the same dimension, spending time while the situation deteriorates.

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10 anni fa
BluKobalto Artista
Great work!
Maria Aristova
10 anni fa
Maria Aristova Artista
Great!I voted!
pino spadavecchia
10 anni fa
Anni fa ho circondato un albero con una catena. Poi ho buttato la chiave. Il messaggio è forte! Pino Spadavecchia.

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