Flea market mood ring

Flea market mood ring

Pittura, Astratto informale, Tecnica mista, 60x70x2.5cm
If DeKooning met the Simpsons on acid while watching CNN, you'd have a description of my art. Rooted deeply in contemporary art history, the work is a mixture of various movements in painting while never losing sight of cartooning or current social political events. Not belonging solely to one historical movement, the work restlessly references several of them while creating dynamic and unique images. More samples available at www.howardsherman.com

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Paolo Carnevale
10 anni fa
Paolo Carnevale Artista
a beautiful work
Jo Ravizzotti
10 anni fa
Jo Ravizzotti Artista
Beautiful your work. Jo
simona peres
10 anni fa
simona peres Artista
Hi! I visited your website! beautiful!!!
I noticed a strong disagreement with the economical sistem... I fell the same...
I like your paintings very much!
howard sherman
10 anni fa
howard sherman Artista
Please feel free to visit me at www.howardsherman.com

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