“Early American Avant-garde?“

Live Media, Astratto geometrico, Live dj/vj set
I created this set for the Re* Festival (Recycling, Sampling, Jamming) at the
"Akademie der Künste, Berlin" in the beginning of 2009.

I originally collected and created the content, which I am using in this set, for a lecture about early American avant-garde film.

The lecture itself actually never took place, but I created with the material I had prepared for this lecture the live set for the Re* Festival with the DJ Sacha Robotti (Robosonic) .

The set therefore ranges between a lecture on early American avant-garde film, a lesson about video live mixing and a fine set, which invites you to dance or look at the projections.

I put parts of these films in new context, use them as samples, mix them with own creations and manipulate sequences intuitive and in real time, abstracting the original content to create a unique new piece of artwork.

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Carol Gianotti
9 anni fa
Carol Gianotti Artista

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