Terra incognita

Terra incognita

.The series of objects wishes to open a door to an unknown land
that lies between reality and fiction and forms an inseparable part of the personal creative process. Fragments of
thoughts, dreams, narratives, and memories take shape, coalesce into a world populated with hybrid figures and
objects. In this world the wonderful and monstrous, the beautiful and menacing live side by side; the fragile and
fleeting alongside the earthly and grotesque.

The whole project can be seen in the following link :


Materials: copper, brass, wool, porcelain, ink, glass, organic materials ( egg shells, insects parts, fish scales and tails, seaweed, animal skulls, sepias etc..)
Technique: press forming, repousse, electroforming, casting, setting, assembling, hand sowing, soldering, riveting, knitting, interweaving, enamel, digital print, felting, flocking, moulding.

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Amy Malcolm
5 anni fa
Amy Malcolm Artista
Don't know which is my favorite. Enjoy the collection.
Tanya Bartolini
6 anni fa
sei Grandiosa!!! Tantissimi complimenti e un grande in bocca al lupo per tutto....un abbraccio immenso.....Tanya!!!:)))))))))))))

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