Fotografia Digitale, Figura umana, Ritratto, Paesaggio, Tecnica mista, 60x50cm
In my most recent project Le Présage (The Omen), I undertake an existential and poetic journey based on the idea of synchronicity. Rooted in the assumption that our existence is controlled by a predetermined destiny, I surrender to the rational mind in order to embrace a more subjective approach. The project consists in taking as a proof what falls into my hands and to assign specific interpretations to the most banal encounters. That relentless search for similarities, simultaneities and resemblances in order to create meaning reveals a quest that is both tragic and comic. In this project, the gray zone of subjectivity becomes an endless creative territory: a birthmark is seen as map, birds’ flights must be deciphered, rays of light are the physical manifestation of a parallel world. Instead of guiding the work towards a specific goal, the emphasis is placed on the acceptance of a state of wandering. The work consists in the creation of a route composed of a highly subjective chain of events in which the journey itself reveals more than its outcome.

At the age of 17, a mysterious birthmark in the shape of an island appeared on my back. Using atlases, Google Earth, and other geographical tools, the project Nævus consists in finding the most similar island and to visit the place, wherever it will be. Nævus in Latin translate to “what we are born with”, which brings the question: Is there anything written in our genes that predicts our destiny?

- To the left: The birthmark.
- Central image: An imagined geography of the island, pencil drawing.
- To the right: Satellite image from Google Earth. The work is shown with an automatic slide projector containing 80 different islands.

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