Pinball Communion

Pinball Communion

Pinball communion explores the notions of institutional structures and their relationship to our contemporary position. Through image, visual and social codes, it prompts engagement in the ‘game’ and consideration of potential outcomes.

"The institution. A Machine. We become baptised, succumb to its doctrines, kneel before its glory, its beliefs. We will no longer be pagans/primitives, forced to wear the earth. No, it will feed us what we must know. It will shape our direction and ensure that we are reminded of the base alternative should we falter. Traps exist at every corner. And opportunities for salvation."
- The Artist

Monochrome prints of digital drawing and reworked found image, structured paper board, paper, tape, nails, glue, felt, painted foam ball, found cut glass chalice with hand cut paper with graphite pencil drawings.

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