Pittura, Morte, Figura umana, 40x82x2cm
The AK-47 is an ambivalent instrument. It is an exceptionally beautiful design, technically ingenious, has low production costs and a good reliability. It is therefore called iconic. In contrast, it’s a machine that can take away the life of others.
As a painter I am not focusing on color and shape only. I’m also looking for symbolic value of objects. The AK-47 is a commonly used weapon. It appears in photos and movies with terrorist acts frequently. However, freedom fighters show off with it too.
In the painting "terrorist" the contradiction of the weapon is clearly visible. The model of the painting is dangerous in both its ugliness and its beauty. The violence associated with terrorism on the one hand and the wild appeal of a woman in provocative lingerie on the other hand. The strange appearance of the terrorist ridicules her stupid acts or give strength to her sex appeal.

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