An unspoken pattern: movement № 12

An unspoken pattern: movement № 12

Pittura, Idee, Astratto informale, Paesaggio, Acrilico, 86x122cm
The work of Micaela González explores narrative composition thought a language of fragments and reconstruction: "I approach my work as an editing process".

Movement № 12 is part of the series An unspoken pattern; A series of landscapes and portraits in which the subject matters are sensations and thoughts. Formally, each piece from An unspoken pattern structures its composition around rectangular figures.

Movement № 12 depicts an instant in the process of transformation inside an individual faced with a new idea. The central black geometric shape is the pre-established thought absorbing the new forms. There is not movement, all elements remain static in an unstable balance. A pilgrimage of organic forms remain obscured after crossing the threshold. The muted surroundings -the raw canvas- is the potential space to be filled that gives rise to the movement and development of a new thought.

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Commenti 3

Nero Levrini
5 anni fa
Bel lavoro!
Micaela González
6 anni fa
Thank you!
Ivana  Lazarevic
6 anni fa
Ivana Lazarevic Artista, Designer, Pittore

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