Self - portrait

Self - portrait

I believe that with the advent of photo cameras the role of an artist has been changed slightly.
Moreover, the artist's role was completely displaced with the usage of Photoshop and various filters by the vast majority. Today an artist looks into the deep, grasps what other cannot see, and captures this vision.
So what does this sphere and cubes stand for? These are the inner and outer worlds.
Let's start from outer world. Each item on the painting is a character. Red sphere is a creative person. Big and small cubes have common faces and even sides, on the contrary the red sphere has only one common point even with the similar objects. This is the point of contact
Despite of only one point of contact this red sphere changes the world. It reflects in other items in more or less way, depending on whether they share the views of this creative person or not.
And all together we rush in the whirlpool of eternity.
And what about the inner world?
Red sphere is the creativity surrounded by gray and trivial life. This creativity does not allow you to stay passive, it pushes you to search for something different, to change this world and yourself, hopefully, for better.
Perhaps this portrait is of yours?

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Gianpaolo Marchesi
5 anni fa

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