Writing Piece

A woman, clad in a black dress from toes to head, endures the fact of being wrapped up and not allowing light to enter her eyes during the whole evening at an art gallery. 
Sitting on a chair, she offers her body to audience and passersby as a canvas for poetic explorations through words, drawings and re-positioning of limbs that the audience should courageously put into different positions. 'The doll"' construction of this character allows the audience for a playful space to be confronted with a charachter in development, to go into a dialogue far beyond the superficial needs of having a drink but rather the thirst for a spiritual quest into representation, roots, meditation, endurance and visibility/invisibility. 

The performance is a peaceful mediation about a religious and regional symbol that oppress some women but is used as a symbol of freedom and attainment of enlightment or God by others. As an artist I put this symbol on my body in order to offer this "puzzled canvas" to a one on one interaction with an audience that can interfere on the body by writing on it, putting it in different forms and other interventions.
The title of the work is 'Writing piece' as I invite audience and passersby to write on my body what they feel when they encouter this character in a certain pose at a certain timeframe. It doesn't have [ literally and not at all expressed] anything to do with a provocation. rather it provides for a mirror and a confrontation with an image of something that creates fear and confusion .
 A burka character [Burgeisha]  that empowers herself through means of posing like a pin up in order to find the power of her own body and in this sense find the freedom in the cloth that restricts her from seeing light. 

At the same time it is an experiment in endurance, in not allowing myself to see light or others during the performance and as such offer my time, body and spirituality as a dialogue for any person to interact, to understand the deeper motivation of looking for something beyond the material aspects of what this dress represents. 

The question of visibility and invisibility could be taken into scientific research as it could allow itsef for stretching beyond the borders of known and unknown concepts of why we dress. 
Simple questions about the meaning of clothes and what they represent in our daily lives can take on a philosophical discussion of what this means in the realms of historical  time, region, life philosophy and the courage to open up dialogue with the means of simple and visionary act of intervention in a contemporary art space. 

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Carlo  Solidoro
5 anni fa
Carlo Solidoro Artista
very nice work!
Dries  Ketels
5 anni fa
Dries Ketels Artista, Art lover
The legs of a walking collective memory, humans!
Dries  Ketels
5 anni fa
Dries Ketels Artista, Art lover
"Rain Falls Between the Memory of Her Shoes"

I like how the legs gain some kind of multinational character, a symbol of collaboration hat spreads over the globe. (and/or in some parts of the legs: a symbol of conflict) Gained by all the different backgrounds of the artists that made something on the legs. Some kind of symbol of a moving globalization and connection between cultures. Or at least that is my brief interpretation.

It was a rainy day when I saw the performance in Milano. Metro's, busses, ... where not driving because of the rain. In the atmosphere of this day, and in line with my personal interpretation of the artwork, I wrote the following on her legs: "Rain falls between the memory of her shoes."
Gianfranco ferlazzo
5 anni fa
Wow, great work...Powerful...

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