The Heartbeat of Humanity

The Heartbeat of Humanity

Pittura, Filosofia, Simbolo / Lettera, Acrilico, 122x88cm
The work that I have created explores combinations of colour, as well as the relationship between colour and design. I have used solid shapes from chosen colours throughout the artwork, in order to represent the constant, solid aspects within life. However, as a symbolic contrast, each of these chosen colours that are used to create the shapes, are also used to alternately outline the shapes, in order to represent the ever changing aspects of life. Aspects of life change and aspects of life stay the same and it is the stable aspects of life that we use to weather life’s instabilities.
The one significant change within this work is that black is only used on the bottom half of the work and white is only used on the top half of the work. This signifies the ying and yang of life and the constant challenge that we as humans face in balancing the highs and lows of life.
The intricate stencilling of shapes signifies the intricacies of the mind and that, although we have a heartbeat, it is often our mental strength that keeps us going. These shapes surround a heartbeat that runs in a white, horizontal line through the centre of this piece.
Although this work may initially look like an abstract piece, this work is representational, as, if one looks closely, along with the heartbeat in the centre of the artwork, there are faces within the design elements of this work. There are five faces within the bottom half and five faces within the top half. Some may be easier to find than others. Our faces encase our minds and, therefore, enhance the mental aspect of the intricate design of this artwork. These faces, along with the heartbeat, also represent humanity and that, while our mind and heart may weave us through the intricate challenges of life, life is a journey that is shared by us all, no matter what challenges, heart-aches or pleasures we face along the way.

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