Science Garden

Science Garden

Pittura, Tecnologico, Fantasia / Visionario, Tecnica mista, 207x120cm
A poetic transformation of science and research sphere into a spiritual world.
where everything is combined and related.
Science that grows and flourish from nature.
Through the use, of a language half-rooted in the sub-conscious imagery of symbols, dreams and myth, and half-rooted in the outer world of impressions, science, nanotechnology, physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology and anatomy I attempt to achieve a ‘non-sense’ and an incoherence that leads to the entire exploration of the inner sense and the substance.

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Zoi Pappa
5 anni fa
Zoi Pappa Artista
Thank you Sally.
Sally Hewett
5 anni fa
Sally Hewett Artista
I love that. Beautiful and delicate and very clever.

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