Lost In Construction

Lost In Construction

One destiny people of Shanghai seem to have in common for the next years to come, the one to wonder, looking at the landscape, is this the new China?

It's easy, once wandering around the city, to find isolated silhouettes as opposed to imposing structures made ​​of open spaces and voids. Solitary, they look around bewildered. They seem to wonder who they are and what they're doing there, helpless in front of a change so radical that they question themselves, their culture, their traditions, the identity of a people united and cohesive in achieving the welfare of the community at the expense of the individual.

This work aims to portray people, immersed in a barren landscape, often desolate, in a flash of thinking about what is this place that surround them. The man, as depicted, sometimes so small to be hardly seen, seems like to have lost control over a destabilizing growth, which calls into question the effort made to get such a soulless modernity. In these photographs I wanted to give the space back to the individual, giving to everyone his value, the freedom to think and choose, for this time at the expense of a community that seems to have lost its direction.

The project is constituted by a large number of images, and is a reflection path itself, strengthening while browsed. Every missing photograph looks like a missing part and it was hard to pick just 10.

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