#Inches (100 Kilotons)(#Layers)=YIELD

#Inches (100 Kilotons)(#Layers)=YIELD

Two powers speak to each other in a language of intimidation,
testing an idling engine of destruction.

08/06/45 FATMAN .21” (100 kilotons)(1 Layer) = 21 kt Yield
08/09/45 LITTLEBOY .16” (100 kilotons)(1 Layer) = 16 kt Yield
A fat man, a little boy, dwarfed by their descendants.
A fraction of an inch for Hiroshima, Nagasaki.
The earth scarred, the air radiant.
Cold algebra. A suicide pact signed across the globe.
A fight for the last word.

These two sculptures offer an algebraic representation of every nuclear test performed by NATO, the Soviets, and China since the beginning of the nuclear age. It reveals the staggering scale of destruction, but moreover it reveals the way nuclear powers postured and communicated through the cold war. These were not simply tests, but a dark language spoken across the globe.
As the argument grew on, so did the size of the clouds.

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