Threshold Composition no. 22

Threshold Composition no. 22

The ongoing series of paintings, “Threshold Compositions”, depict slivers and cropped views of unknown spaces situated between the macro- and microscopic. Influenced by Piranesi’s Carceri (Prisons) series and the emergent philosophy of Speculative Realism, the paintings begin by breaking down the geometries of doorways and passageways into proliferating shapes. The paintings embrace slowness where each action persists as an after-image, building up a dense record of activity. The act of layering becomes a mechanism for containment – a process by which the mapping of movement is captured and catalogued. The illusionistic patches of fur serve to disrupt the abstract geometric field and sharply pull the image into a flat and realistic terrain. Within all these layers is the latent energy of an ever shifting and morphing space. These works are meant to hover between the familiar and unfamiliar; they point to an unstable and hallucinogenic space where the distinctions between buildings, bodies, skin and sky have dissolved.

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