Threshold Composition no.20

Threshold Composition no.20

The ongoing painting series titled “Threshold Compositions,” is influenced by Piranesi’s Carceri d'Invenzione and the emergent philosophy of Speculative Realism. The paintings embrace slowness where each action persists as an after-image. The work utilizes a type of analog-parametric design logic to build up the multi-layered compositions. Certain parameters and rules are set forth and punctuated with incremental organic shifts. The illusionistic patches of fur serve to disrupt this abstract geometric field. These works are meant to hover between the familiar and unfamiliar; they point to an unstable and hallucinogenic space where the distinctions between buildings, bodies, skin and sky have dissolved.

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Maria Yamamoto
2 anni fa
Maria Yamamoto Artista
Wow ...the textures in this are perfectly done ...the colors blow my mind ...great concept! ...If I could I would put this on my wall! :D
Maristella  Angeli
2 anni fa
Maristella Angeli Premium Artista, Pittore
Una vittoria meritata!
2 anni fa
M.d.R. Artista
Nice Yellow!
Nero Levrini
3 anni fa

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