Pittura, Filosofia, Minimal, Astratto geometrico, Grafite, 203x114cm
By forcing myself to work within a particular, additive system (adding marks from the bottom of the page to the top and then cutting out the finished drawing), my most recent drawings address how we define meaning in our lives through work and repetitive tasks. After creating a system which then dictates the visual constraints of the piece, I build the marks up on the page until I reach the top. This simplistic, linear approach to art-making brings into question our desperation to find meaning in our day-to-day lives through our small and mostly half realized activities. Do the day-to-day tasks carry any weight at all or is the accumulated whole of those tasks meaningful when viewed from afar? Is there beauty in the accumulation of time spent focused one one, clear goal? These are questions that I leave up to the viewer to decide.

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