Inner mind architecture

Inner Mind Architecture – developed for the Church St- Gertrud in Cologne that was built
by the reknowned architect Gottfried Böhm- is the first work of a series of projects in progress
that I call „generative architecture“ . At the same time I would like to propose this approach as a new category.
In his manifest „Alles ist Architektur“ from 1967 Hans Hollein freed the traditional comprehension
of architecture from its physical boundaries and technical limitations.
Architecture, he states, embraces environmental experiences based on all humans senses including
the devoloping technologies and new media as they came into consciousness during the later
1960ies .

from Alles ist Architektur:
Built and physical architecture, freed from the technological limitations of the past, will more intensely
work with spatial qualities as well as with psychological ones. The process of “erection” will get a new
meaning, spaces will more consciously have haptic, optic, and acoustic properties, and contain
informational effects while directly expressing emotional needs.
A true architecture of our time will have to redefine itself and expand its means. Many areas outside
traditional building will enter the realm of architecture, as architecture and “architects” will have to
enter new fields.

As a result of a new understanding of how media form and dominate our environment today and
how space can be composed today „generative-Architecture“ extends Hollein’s vision.
I am not an architect . But nevertheless my artwork is architecture – expanded architecture and
the most important part of this work is „space“ including all relevant elements in question:
What do I create a new space in this space?
How do I create a kind of architecture of the inner mind?
How do I understand the meaning of the neighbouring environment and the place where I exist?
And how can I incorporate these visions into my artwork?

My work overcomes traditional categories and concepts such as video-, light-, space-art,virtual-architecture,audiovisual-,soundscape form architecture. Using a composition of light, haze, wind, multi layered structured, semi transparent screens and sound that responds to the encircling environment and spirit oft the surrounding space „Inner_Mind_Architecture“ is designed as a meditation space,
where the mind interacts with the reverberations of inner human space in st Gurtund.

Inner mind architecture
size 1700cm(width) x500cm(height)x 800cm(Depth include projection distance)

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