Scultura, Architettura, Paesaggio, 650x23x110cm
For some time I have been interested in the simple routines carried out in the human-created environment. My models recreate rooms and buildings, often to an exact degree. By selecting not to substantially alter my reconstructions, I want to draw people’s attention to everyday situations. For example, the entrance area of an old supermarket. By entering and exiting through one of four swing doors, the customer is ushered through a uniquely formed passageway. The model allows the observer to -- in a glance -- take in a familiar scene. In doing so, it will make him conscious of it next time he passes through such an environment.

Many of my models are very detailed, coloured and, in some cases, illuminated. In contrast the exteriors are constructed from raw wood, which gives an impression of the space which is usually obscured by earth or other parts of buildings. For the works “5 Tunnels” and “3 Tunnels” I have avoided using typical model miniature details, instead opting to use concrete. The end result is a series of subways and stairways, entrances and exits, which have been plucked from their usual surroundings.

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7 anni fa
Nicci Artista, Designer, Pittore
Wow! I appreciate the hard work that goes into your models. Wonderfully realistic!!
Tom Flynn
10 anni fa
Tom Flynn Giornalista
These are really interesting threshold objects. Miniature worlds are always compelling, forcing us to see the full-scale reality in a new light. Congratulations on being nominated for the prize.
All best wishes,

Guillaume Blanchet
10 anni fa
What? No comment at all on this page?
I think your tunnels look so realistic on the macro shots and most of all, that the whole process is truly genuine. Can you send copies or replicas :-)
Good luck to you !

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