Video, Natura, Natura morta, Piante, Paesaggio, Documentario, 15
Still-Ness is a still footage. Here a video in loop that focuses on a secular weeping willow.
An enquiry on the impasse of the nature morte. Which is something more than the depiction of an inanimate subject. The still-life nature, and the quietness that characterizes it, suddenly become to live.
The suffix -Ness presents in the tile emphasizes, according to the English grammar, the way in which adjectives form the meaning of nouns when it is appended to them. It is “the state of...”, “the quality of...”, or “the measure of...” intrinsic to the Thing that is under process.
Thus, Still-Ness does not mean only stillness, but more subtly goodness, happiness, and at the same time theirs opposite meanings, such as badness and sadness.

(Selected by Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa (Venice) for the 95th YOUNG ARTISTS COLLECTIVE)

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