The time that passes, the roads taken and made
Grudgingly abated, the memories of olden days
Cast before us now the worn tapestry of time
A diagram of choices, of weeks and years gone by.
(P.M. Linnet, 2003. Tapestry of Memories; Winds of Time)

Cultural memories such as museums, monuments, films, and other memorials offer the possibility of transforming the way in which both the past and the present are conceptualized. In this way, the collective memory is understood as a representation of the past shared by a group or community.
Historical memory begins when social traditions are broken and living contact with the past has been lost; all that remains are fragments such as artifacts.
So it is the wallpaper presented at FORMA Foundation for the exhibition about Trompe l’oeil (French for “deceive the eye”); where the picture of a worn tapestry -that had been hanging on the wall of a destroyed building- is reproposed in its natural scale. Hence, the illusion of reality itself is shown through the ambiguity between the photographic (historical/cultural) means and that of the gap perceived by the viewer after the first sight.
Nowadays the exhibition document is a picture that come along with the wallpaper hanged in other places, to tell about other stories and leave an open narrative.

Digital Print on Blueback
280x300 cm
FORMA Foundation, Milan 2013
Pensiero Visibile, Verona 2014

Picture Framed
Digital Print, Fine Art Paper
500x600 mm

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