As I Reflect

Installazione, Emozione, Figura umana, Video installazione, 100x150x75cm
I'm obsessed about "Memorando", a word that can signify a object that contains memories and something to remember or action to bring to memory , as if it was one. A thin line that gives us a confusion about object and action.
"Memorando" is an externalisation of memory, or that we manufacture as memory, as if their development becomes part of myself, a reflection? Memory is so intrinsic within us that we aren't able to separate ourselves from it, we are it. We are composed by every thing that we feel, and experience.
The absence of the physical presence, of a person, does not erase the marks of their path, used objects, we cling on to these to try to fill this gap. The idolise objects to compensate for an absence, a broken link. We are as much our objects as we remember them.
It is the memory that transforms us and deforms us.

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