of delicacy and horror #6

of delicacy and horror #6

Pittura, Bellezza, Animale, Natura morta, Paesaggio, Olio, 212x120x4cm
"Of delicacy and horror #6" is part of a large-scaled oil paintings series of dead fishes. Vivian challenges the traditional view on beauty and conventional style of still-life and landscape paintings. She wants to find the hidden beauty in uncommon and generally-despised subject matters, and inject aesthetics into them.
The particular painting, "#6", is a close-up of fish organs which includes bladders and intestines. The figurative painting looks abstract at the first sight, and quickly turns into a bizarre landscape. However, under careful study, one would realise it is a realistic depiction of the inner world of the dead fish - a sight so unfamiliar to most viewers.
Through this series of dead fish paintings, Vivian captures an authentic scene of Hong Kong from the view of common wet markets, where both slaughtering and butchering happen daily. The fish parts are painted in a colourful palate with a sense of peaceful gruesomeness, creating an interesting conversation between grotesque and beauty.

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Gianfranco ferlazzo
6 anni fa
Great work,powerful...

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