Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror

Installazione, Nascita, Sacro / Mitologico, Materiali vari, 600x600cm
Mirror Mirror
Celeste Project Prize: installation proposal

Maybe it is from years as a portrait photographer, but nearly everywhere I look, I see faces. They are there: in the sky, in the land, in the air, and in the ice. We were exploring a part of the Icelandic coast where glaciers calve into the North Atlantic Ocean. It is so cold there that waves freeze in the air. It was hard to breath and my bones were frozen. When I looked through the lens, the faces appeared so clearly, yet I realised I had to work fast to capture the apparitions before they sank into the frozen depths.

The mirroring effect in the Ice man images enhances and distorts the facial features, and is also a reference to the reflection of the sky in the sea and the seemingly endless depths of both. I think of them as gods, revealing themselves to me as they move from one realm to the next.

For the Celeste Project Prize, I propose using four large photographs and two mirrors as the basis for an installation in the special 6m x 6m project space specified.

Each image will be a different, striking colour – red, cyan, blue, chartreuse, , printed on metallic film, and mounted on dark mirrored glass measuring 120 cm high by 160cm wide. The works (two each side) will be installed on facing walls either side of the entrance to the project room which ideally is painted black. Facing the viewer as she enters will be two large dark glass mirrors, installed at an angle of approximately 30 degrees to the ceiling and the floor, creating an infinite reflection. Lighting should be carefully directed onto the artwork to minimize excess spillage. The general lighting state should be low and dramatic. The mirrors will reflect the surrounding artwork and also the viewer who will be transported and trapped within to the icy, shimmering world created by the mirrors.

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