Outside the Lines

Outside the Lines

Pittura, Lavoro, Astratto geometrico, Acrilico, 50x76x5cm
The use of color is one of the most recognizable characteristics of my work. Through its creation and juxtaposition of its shades and layers, I combine them in a clean space, encouraging the breaking of structured paradigms and explore the matter to provoke multi sense scenarios.
My approach is very intuitive; through the use of primary elements aligned around color, I create space-contained systems driven by shapes, layers, and shades. I use a variety of materials including traditional and nontraditional tools such as squeegees, screwdrivers, combs and palette knife. Through its combination; the revealing processes of previously laid down layers and space, emerge. Within their intertwined coexistence, transversal vibrations to the perspectives senses are created. Transitioning from the particular to the magnificent utilizing the tension of the space and its multiple dimensions of materials and intention drivers. “These painting is all about exploring the color balance, the intuitive and all the in between”

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