The New America Gothic

The New America Gothic

I started working on this series in the Fall of 2012 after I had returned from South America. I admit it: Bolivia did something to my mind..... However, after being gone from my Montana home for such a long time I realized that I had very few photos of my family and friends. I was also struck with nostalgia for my families history (many of the items used as back drops come from the old ranch dump on the original home stead), being that they were some of the first settlers in the area.

All Junk Studio Images are Giclee prints on stretched canvas. They can be hung and displayed with our with out a frame. Every one is a limited addition of 20 for each print and are signed and numbered by the artist.

Abe Samuel Quilling is a North West, Montana Artist, whose work explores the surreal expression of emotions, dreams, and experimentation, that engages the seer to take part in a transit experience.

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