Christ Stopped at Novoli

Christ Stopped at Novoli

Installazione, Nascita, Sacro / Mitologico, Materiali vari, 400x300cm
Christ Stopped at Novoli (a play on the title of Carlo Levi's Christ Stopped at Eboli) is the culmination of a two year project, heavily influenced by Catholic customs and religious festivals experienced by the artist while living in the remote village of Novoli, southern Italy. A series of photographs depict headless figures built from hay, string and found objects gathered from the land. They represent Christ's apostles, each bound by emblems of martydom.

The installation manifests itself as a small chapel, or temple, with elaborately framed photographs of the saints printed on wood or metal, and hanging, as if in niches, around the room. The installation reflects the importance of religious symbolism in the life of the local farmers. Every January Novoli holds the festival of fire. Originally a pagan celebration to mark the end of winter, it now celebrates the village’s patron saint. Each farmer brings a bundle of vine cuttings to create an enormous bonfire of 90,000 bundles. One of these bundles is represented in the centre of the room, referring to both ancient customs and an interest in Arte Povera.

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