The Fall

The Fall

Installazione, Politico/Sociale, Ritratto, Figura umana, Felicità, Materiale organico, 40x80cm
"Yes, I am becoming agitated, how could i quietly lay down? I have to be higher than you, my thought are lifting me up. Those nights, those mornings actually, because the fall happens at the dawn, I'm going out, I'm leaving, of a carried walk, along the canals. In the livid sky, the layers of feathers are slenderizing, the doves are winding up a little, a dew light announces, to the flush of the roofs, a new day of my creation.
I am like this old beggar who once didn't want to leave my hand, at the terrace of a cafe : "Ah Sir, he said, it is not that we are a bad man, but we lose the light".

-A.Camus, The Fall-

A metaphor of our constant search for happiness. The way we are tricked to always feel we need more materialistic things and there is never enough. The way we learned to see happiness as something uncatchable.

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